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Wrought iron gates add beauty and style to any transition.

There are many objectives for a metal gate. Sometimes the purpose is to accent an entry point or transition point . . .

. . . Sometimes they're used to protect our children or pets . . .
Custom wrought iron gate and fence with arched picket patternSimple wrought iron gate to keep children and pets safe
. . . Sometimes they're used to restrict access . . .
. . . It's ALWAYS important that gates are built and installed correctly. The most common causes of gate sagging are inadequate hinges and inadequate materials.

Our knowledge and experience will ensure your gate doesn't sag over time. Many factors should be considered in gate design and material sizes . . .
. . . is the gate to prevent intruders? Will it be subject to the playfulness of children standing on it? Could it be impacted by a vehicle? Or, is it simply to keep Fido in the back yard or on the deck? We can choose the right material strength and design to meet your objectives.

Did you know:

A 100 pound person standing on the end of a 4 foot gate exerts 400 foot-pounds of force on the gate frame not including the weight of the gate itself? This means the material used must have a "Section Modulus" greater than 0.07 to avoid permanent deformation (for a 2 rail system) without additional bracing.

Because they are a moving part subject to a variety of loading conditions, wrought iron gates  (metal gates) need to be built and installed by experts for long term reliability.

Let us help!

Mind's Eye Fabrication builds and installs all types of wrought iron gates  and other metal gates including:

  • Garden Gates
  • Pool access gates
  • Backyard fence gates, and
  • Automated driveway gates

Gates can be made as simple or as ornamental as you'd like. We can almost always match a gate's design to your existing wrought iron rails or other wrought iron features for a consistent theme. The same design elements for wrought iron rails and fences can be applied to gates.

Automated Wrought Iron Vehicle Gates

The options available for automated vehicle gates is extensive. They can be as simple as a clicker (like that of a garage door opener) or as advanced as remote access by telephone (perhaps to let the cable guy in while you're at work), security cameras and more. There are even devices you can carry in your car (no vehicle installation required) so the gate will sense your vehicle coming and open automatically.

Commercial custom made wrought iron gates
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