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Founded by John Faulkenberry in 2003, Mind's Eye Fabrication is an owner-operated, licensed, and insured company.

The name was chosen to reflect the idea that our customers be able to translate their imagination and vision into reality (as in "see it in your Mind's Eye").  We do this by listening to our customers and providing guidance, suggestions, and solutions

Our philosophy is to provide solutions with the highest level of quality and service for our customers.  When it comes to wrought iron, quality is in the details.  See the wrought iron quality details for more.  This allows us to provide a lifetime workmanship warranty on wrought iron rails, fences and gates.

The classic beauty and style of wrought iron is matched by it's all-welded construction.  Wrought iron rails, fences, or gates are not assembled with brackets and screws which are both unattractive and weak. 

Lastly, as many have asked, YES we also do other fabrication services and welding to bring ideas into reality.
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As the owner of Mind's Eye Fabrication, I've seen a disturbing trend. 
Many companies have resorted to shortcuts in quality and service in order to provide a discounted price.

This may be acceptable for small insignificant purchases.  However, when it comes to wrought iron these shortcuts are extremely costly to the homeowner in the long run.  Even "cheap" wrought iron isn't cheap.  Adding insult to injury, is the cost to remove the rotten rails before the new ones can be installed.

To be sure, inferior fabrication, assembly, and installation methods available do lower cost; this time time around.  However, it will be a recurring cost.  Properly built and installed wrought iron rails, fences and gates should last more than a lifetime with only minor periodic maintenance every 5 to ten years.  I've had to replace rails that were only 5 years old but that were already beyond repair because of poor attention to detail.  Learn more about the quality details important to wrought iron.

You may ask "Why was Mind's Eye Fabrication hired?  Why didn't the first company replace it (assuming they guaranteed it)?" First, if you were dissatisfied with the first company would you trust them again?  Second, the company could be out-of-business.  Creating a portfolio of dissatisfied customers is a sure way to go out-of-business especially as time passes when the warranty calls start piling up.  When a company dies, so does it's warranty obligation.

Instead, I want to be partners with you, my valued customers, so we both win.  You get a beautiful wrought iron rail, fence or gate.  And I get a happy customer to encourage the next customer.  It's not just the right thing to do, it's good for business too.  I'm not going to pressure you into a more expensive rail design.  I have no incentive.  Every estimate is written for your project's specific needs.  I don't take a one-size-fits-all approach common to most other companies.  See our pricing methodology or Talk to me for a preliminary estimate

When we meet to discuss the specifics you'll receive a list of references.  The list includes customers that needed follow-up work.  It's important that you trust your contractor to stand behind their work with responsive and quality service after the sale. 

Give me a call.  Let's talk about your project.

John Faulkenberry

From your "Mind's Eye" to ours . . .
your options are nearly unlimited.
Your project is built the way YOU want it.
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