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Mind's Eye Fabrication builds and installs wrought iron railing and fencing for residential and commercial customers.

Mind's Eye Fabrication is the specialist in exterior wrought iron railing and wrought iron fencing.  Custom built and installed to last a lifetime. Get a free estimate for your wrought iron project.

We build all types of wrought iron railing from basic, standard styles to highly custom ornamental rails that are one-of-a-kind. Wrought iron offers a range of possibilities not available to any other type of handrail, fence, or gate.

Whether you want a simple wrought iron rail for your front porch, want to replace the wooden rail on a back deck for more view, or want to define/secure your boundary with a fence, wrought iron adds distinctive and unique style to your home and yard. Railings provide safety and beauty to your front porch to assist  in getting up and down the steps and to prevent children, elderly and guests from falling off the edge. In fact, more and more homeowner insurance companies are requiring their customers to retrofit steps, porches, and patios that were built prior to current code requirements. See if you may have a requirement to add handrails for fall prevention.

And because wrought iron rails and fences are welded together, their durability, longevity, and timeless beauty can't be beat by any other material.

With that said, we also install aluminum fences (aluminum is not available for handrails, only fences). Aluminum systems offer the benefit of lower cost through standardized designs and ease of installation which can be a significant consideration for large spans of fencing.

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We work with you to define your needs and desires. Whether you want to secure a backyard pool or add safety to a porch or patio, it’s hard to beat wrought iron.

Our goal is to meet your needs. Let us help you choose a solution to meet those needs for aesthetic beauty, pet containment, or safety and security.


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wrought iron handrails | Custom bending | with scrolls and twisted balusters | pool safetyWrought Iron handrail with floral balusters

We build and install wrought iron rails, fences, and gates for Buckhead, atlanta, Alpharetta, John's creek, suwanee, duluth, roswell, dunwoody, sandy springs, gainsville and other areas.


Custom Fabrication

In addition to wrought iron handrails, fences, and gate projects, we offer custom fabrication and welding services. Maybe you can't find exactly what you're looking for in stores or on the web. Maybe you already have a product but want to modify it to better fit your needs. We can help design and build your project.

Mobile Repair welding for steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

We also offer, after-hours, mobile, repair welding for our commercial customer's who can't afford to close while the work is done. Whether a stainless steel sink in your kitchen needs a repair weld, or you need an aluminum strut welded or re-welded to your awning, we can help.

If you can see it in your Mind's Eye, we'll help you make it happen.
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